With a beard or without a beard: what's trendy now? (2023) | Kept confidential (2023)

Beards have become popular in recent years and many men have embraced facial hair.

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However, you might be wondering if they are on their last legs scruffy and ready to go the way of man buns. Should you have a beard or not have a beard?

We asked six style experts to weigh in on the men's facial hair trends we've seen in recent years and are likely to see in years to come.

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The general verdict is that beards are still around in 2023, but in a less scruffy and more groomed way than before. Facial hair trends change quickly - read on to decide where you land on the beard versus shave spectrum. And if you're interested in a second opinion, please askwhat women really think about beards.

With a beard or without a beard: what's trendy now? (2023) | Kept confidential (1)

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Team 'Beards are still cool'

barbsThey've long been a classic look for men, and realistically, they're not going away anytime soon. Some trend-followers who have jumped on the bandwagon may decide to shave, but we don't expect everyone to.

Many boys, including somebearded celebrities, have learned the joys of facial hair and not shaving and we don't expect them to ditch the beard and opt for the no-shaven style.

That said, the scruffy lumberjack look seems to be evolving into a neater, more professional and shaped beard.

Men will look for ways to grow a polished beard, looking for bettercutting methodslike thistools to tame your facial hair.

the hairless look

“When it comes to bald men, a beard is an essential feature. Male pattern baldness can be a real confidence killer for young men, but growing a strong beard is a great way to feel better about your new look.

Shaved bald men can often look unhealthy and even unhealthy, especially if they are thin and have a pale skin tone. But a trip to the gym, some sun and a manly beard will make any balding man look healthier and more attractive.

It also gives bald men a bit of flexibility, whether it's Jason Statham's simple beard or a more adventurous approach, growing the beard shorter or trimming it to a new style is pretty much the only way bald men can change their appearance.


pandemic trends

“The return of facial hair really happened during the pandemic. People didn't see their barbers as often and were comfortable growing a few beards, which led to more people experimenting with facial hair styles while working remotely.

This led to the “Corporate Beard”. Companies that never allowed beards are now loosening their policies as long as beards are well groomed and groomed. Many clients I see for shaves or cleanups come in weekly to make sure they can keep their beards on the job while still looking polished and professional. Of course, tone 5 is always in fashion, as long as the neckline is well defined and clean. This has greatly contributed to the rise of beard transplants.

Do you want to grow better facial hair? Keep a small brush or comb to encourage blood flow under the skin and keep it clean as it grows, looks fresh and doesn't itch or irritate. Plus, using a product like Barber Surgeons Guild Hair Serum will lock in moisture for a healthy looking mustache. Ask a professional trimmer to maintain the growth, even trimming stray hairs for a smooth, well-groomed look.

Alexia Donovan, Guild of Barber Surgeons

“I think beards are in right now, regardless of the current trend, just because of the pandemic. With most people working remotely or not working, as well as not having social events most of the time, there's no real reason to shave.

There are also many people who may not have facial hair before because of work, now they can.grow a beard. I saw a lot more beards and bearded faces in 2022 and I think this will continue into 2023. It looks like for most of this year many will be stuck, so I see beards and facial hair still common. in 2023.”

With a beard or without a beard: what's trendy now? (2023) | Kept confidential (3)

John Frigo,my supplement store

“The most attractive style in 2023 would certainly be aclean and tidy beard. Since many in the workplace are required to wear face masks and PPE on their faces, the old-time modern beards of the 1800's are definitely OUT!

I think that beards will definitely hold their own in 2023. Although, I suspect that in general, length size will decrease and popular beards will be those close to the face and short.

—Kerrin Jackson, makeup artist and beauty blogger,The Makeup Refinery

With a beard or without a beard: what's trendy now? (2023) | Kept confidential (4)

clip and teach

“Beards will still be cool in 2023, but with a more modern twist. In recent years, we've seen a shift from the traditional lumberjack beard to a more trimmed and sculpted look. This trend is expected to continue into 2023, with men opting for shorter, well-groomed beards that still have an element of toughness.

The most essential thing to keep your beard looking good is regular maintenance. It's important to invest in the right products, like a good conditioner and oil, to keep your hair nourished and prevent it from becoming dry and brittle. It is also important to trim it regularly to keep it clean and tidy. Finally, be sure to wash your beard regularly with a beard shampoo to remove any dirt or debris that may have built up throughout the day.

The best thing about beards is that they can add a unique and stylish look to your face. They are also great for hiding blemishes and making your features stand out more. On the other hand, the beard requires maintenance and care to look its best, and if not well cared for, it can make you look like a caveman.

Clean-shaven faces are great if you want to keep looking professional and polished. It also doesn't require any maintenance (other than shaving), which is a bonus. The downside is that it can sometimes make you look younger than you really are and also highlight imperfections on your face.

The stubble is perfect if you want to look stylish and masculine without the hassle of grooming a full beard. It's also great for adding texture and definition to your facial features, which can be quite attractive. The downside is that it's an "in-between" look and doesn't have the same impact as a full beard."

With a beard or without a beard: what's trendy now? (2023) | Kept confidential (5)

— Russel Stanley,men's attitude

“I have been taking care of men for a long time. What never goes out of style for me? The 5 o'clock stubble, as long as the neckline is crisp and clean. It sounds like you're just about robust, but you probably have a nice suit and you smell good. Will not? Beard on the neck.

— Alexia Donovan, Director of Customer Service —Barber Surgeon's Guild

“By 2023, I think beards will still be in fashion. However, I see a trend when we start wearing shorter beards instead of longer beards.

Since the beard is also the male version of makeup, it helps to define your unique facial features. Just by growing a small beard, you can change your appearance from an innocent schoolboy to a manly biker!


“Although big beards have been all the rage for some time now, the pendulum seems to be swinging the other way. After beard growth due to the pandemic, 2023 may bring back a full but well-groomed beard. Plus, it looks like mustaches took center stage this past summer with the release of the latest iteration of Top Gun. In general, expect the trend of big, wild beards to recede in favor of shorter, sleeker cuts."

—Dan Potter, Head of Digital—CRAFTD Londres

“The 5-hour shade, or stubble, will be the go-to style for men's facial hair in 2023. It's a great style even for those just starting out on the beard journey, and it's great on most faces and shapes. It's also perfect for men in corporate environments or those whose genetics don't allow for long facial hair.

With a beard or without a beard: what's trendy now? (2023) | Kept confidential (6)

The best thing about stubble is the health benefits, protecting your face from ultraviolet rays and environmental pollutants. The worst thing about beards is the high maintenance requirements, otherwise the man can develop skin problems. From moisturizing to choosing your style and style, shaving requires commitment.

Beards will be cool and a sign of dominance, confidence and skill. They help you to attract potential life partners as most women prefer men with a beard. They will still be great in 2023 and beyond.

The essentials for maintaining a beautiful beard include combing or brushing to prevent knots and tangles. Trimming and conditioning are also essential elements of a beautiful beard.”

—Alice Rawling, hairstylist and editor-in-chief—hairstyle hairstyle

the scruffy look

“In studies, stubble appears to be the preferred amount of facial hair that positively influences attractiveness. Guys know they can use facial hair to influence their attractiveness level, so chances are they'll stay.

The amount of facial hair you keep depends on what kind of attributes you'd like people to associate with you. For example, men with larger beards are perceived as older, more mature and masculine. This can be beneficial if you are a younger man who would like to look younger. On the other hand, if you're an older man and would like to look younger, a clean-shaven look can shave a few years off your face.

In 2023, hygiene trends are more relaxed. We're seeing longer, messier hairstyles, and facial hair correlates with that… You'll see fewer sharp lines and fades as we enter the new year.

—Patrick Kenger, Founder ofPivot Image Consulting

lumberjack vibes

“Beards will continue to be fashionable in 2023 as more men seem to care about their facial appearance and are taking the time to groom themselves.

With a beard or without a beard: what's trendy now? (2023) | Kept confidential (7)

You always want to keep your beard hydrated. And have a good facial cleanser, as shaving is still necessary. Comb your beard DAILY and feed it with essential oils to keep it shiny. Clean hair always complements a nice full beard. So whether you keep a haircut, have a clean-shaven bald head, dreadlocks or braids, it will complement your beard and vice versa."

Michelle Santise, celebrity stylist

repetitive blackouts

“I am seeing a lot of blackouts in 2023,seriously, too many fades.It's a totally cool look and one that I admire.

I have an eye on fashion and male looks are taking morefilms blackto look. The hair, especially the facial hair, complements the look.

Abalbu beardit's a beard without sideburns and a trimmed, floating mustache. A soul patch under the lip and on the sides can sometimes extend along the jaw line. The mustache can be customized in many styles.

owes its name toItalo Balbo. An air marshal of Italy and governor of Italian North Africa, he was also a flamboyant public figure in the US. In 1940, his plane was shot down by friendly fire while trying to land. Unlike the toothbrush mustache, Balbo has managed to overcome its dark past to become a celebrated and stylish beard.”

—Mohamed Hassan, Founder ofStylerecap.com


“In terms of whether beards will still be legal in 2023, it's hard to say for sure. However, I believe that well-groomed beards will always have a place in men's fashion, as they can add a touch of sophistication and masculinity to a man's appearance.

To maintain a beautiful beard,

  • Washing and conditioning regularly is essential to keep it soft and healthy.
  • Regular trimming and styling is also important to maintain a clean, well-groomed appearance.
  • Also, using beard oil or balm can help keep your beard moisturized and looking its best.”

neha sharmaPayuoc

“Beards are likely to remain popular for years to come. They are seen as a symbol of masculinity and power, and many women find them attractive. However, as always, personal preference varies."

— Rebecca Keller, Director of Diversity, Health and Lifestyle —debt bomb

Maybe, Possibly, Probably

“Fashion trends tend to change unpredictably, but one trend that's been on the rise lately is beards. Whether it's a full mustache or a well-groomed nape, facial hair has become a popular accessory for many looks.

It's hard to speculate whether beards will still look cool in the year 2023; What we can say for sure is that, regardless of its portability, facial hair will continue to be an important form of self-expression for men who use it as a style tool and source of confidence.”

— Oberon Copeland, founder and CEO —very informed

search shows

“As the author of the USA Today bestselling novels, I am an expert on what women want when it comes to men's facial hair. In August 2022, I polled my readers on this very question and bearded men are much preferred over clean-shaven men, at least in my readers' fantasy lives!

flor danika, autor best-seller do USA Today

“Year on year, we have seen an increase in the use of beard oils and balms, which shows a growth in this trend. It shows no signs of slowing down, so we think beards will continue to be a hit in 2023 and beyond. Along with the increase in the sale of beard care products, we are also seeing a growing trend in beard styling. Men are choosing to grow a beard but keep it in good shape by using a razor or straight razor to keep their beard lines clean and straight.

—Tom Yates, Director—cut throat club

a good summary

“Trimming and squeezing is too stiff and formal for 2023. Lumberjack beards are for seniors. Unless you want to look decades older, just don't.

Short beards that look like stubble are likely to stay with us well into 2023. Think of Justin, um... Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada. Justin Timberlake's beard needs a little help.

Heto improveThe good thing about a beard is when it is well cared for and smells good. The worst is, well, the exact opposite.

With more people working from home, beards are probably not going anywhere. Who wants to shave every morning when you can try something new and then shave whenever you're ready?

There are so many beard balms that give a nice shine and fragrance. Don't underestimate the value of beard balms. Get one.

Don't rule out asking your barber if he understands beard styling. If you're past the misaligned stage, don't make a lumberjack. Shape it. However, take a sample photo with you if possible. Your idea of ​​modeling could be their idea of ​​batting."

Ghanima Abdullah, hair specialist,the right hairstyle

"Beards are still absolutely all the rage in 2023. However, they're not as plentiful as you may have seen in recent years."

Alexus Renée, Stylist / Makeup and beauty consultant

Beards are out of style: the return of the clean shave

With a beard or without a beard: what's trendy now? (2023) | Kept confidential (8)

After listening to the professional beard team, the beard team steps in with a return to traditional shaving. The clean shave is always classic and adapts to almost any situation. However, many men have embraced facial hair simply because they hate shaving and the sting associated with razors, ingrown hairs, etc.).

Proponents of the shaved and unshaved look emphasize creating a positive experience with high-quality equipment and shaving rituals that will keep many men shaving again.

Boost for a clean shave

With a beard or without a beard: what's trendy now? (2023) | Kept confidential (9)

“A clean shave is fine, and so is eyeshadow, as long as it's clean and well groomed. The worst thing about a beard of any kind is when it's not manicured or clean. In 2023, beards of all lengths are here to stay.

Maria Winkenwerder, makeup artist and blogger

With a beard or without a beard: what's trendy now? (2023) | Kept confidential (10)

Is now the time to embrace stubble?

There is no hard and fast rule about whether or not you should have a beard and shave it off this year. Facial hairstyles have a lot to do with your personal style. And, of course, there's the middle ground of embracing stubble.

Long dismissed as just a lazy long weekend look, stubble has recently become acceptable in the workplace. If you're looking for a safe place between full lumberjack growth and a clean-shaven look, this could be a good alternative. learn howget a perfect beard.


Growing facial hair can be a great way to express your personal style and every man should try to grow it at least once in his life. Truly embracing the beard style, however, depends on a lot more than what's in fashion.

consider yourbeard hair growth(some guys think they haveIrregularor patchy facial hair), facial shape, and whether it contributes to or detracts from your overall personal style.

If you want to grow or update your beard:

  • Learn to shape it.
  • To usebeard oilsto smooth it and keep it.
  • Keep it short and structured.
  • Considerhugging the stubbleinstead of a face full of hair.

If you want to go beardless:

  • Go to a barbershop to shave and learn how to use a straight razor.
  • Invest in quality shaving equipment that will reduce skin irritations associated with shaving.
  • Turn shaving into a pleasurable ritual complete with the shaving brush andafter shave lotion.

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With a beard or without a beard: what's trendy now? (2023) | Kept confidential (11)

With a beard or without a beard: what's trendy now? (2023) | Kept confidential (12)

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