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Airplanes can become famous for many reasons, including design, purpose, or popularity, and it's not always easy to reduce the list of famous planes to a manageable size, as each plane is unique. If you love planes and want to learn more about planes that are considered famous for one reason or another, here are the top 10 famous planes.


  • 1. O Flyer Wright
  • 2nd Air Force One
  • 3. Airbus A380
  • 4. Lockheed Vega5B
  • 5. Cessna-Zitat-Excel
  • 6. Die Concordia
  • 7. Supermarine Spitfire
  • 8. Spirit of St. Ludwig
  • 9. Gulf Stream GIVE
  • 10. Spaceship Two
  • 11. Boeing 747

Ever since the Wright brothers began their flying adventures, people have been fascinated by airplanes, and with good reason. Being able to fly is a basic need and few things are as exciting as seeing clouds up close.

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The planes arrive like thismany different designs, sizes and shapesthat studying them all is almost impossible, but you can easily narrow down your list and learn more about those who are famous for one reason or another.

There are many ways to determine what makes an airplane famous, but each has its own characteristics. Whether they are one of the first aircraft developed or one of thethe fastest, the list of the most famous planes is always interesting to look at, and you can even learn a lot about these planes that you didn't know before.

1. O Flyer Wright

The 10 Most Famous Airplanes in History - Aero Corner (1)

Well, did you know that this plane had to be on the list of famous planes, so here it is. At just 21 feet long and with a top speed of 30 MPH, this is a biplane developed by the Wright brothers and flew them that day in 1903 on the outer reaches of the United StatesNorth Carolina. The engine and most of its parts were handcrafted, and the plane itself was made of spruce wood.

The Wright plane had oneDoppelhelixwhich was driven by a sprocket chain borrowed from a standard bicycle. On his first flight, Wilbur Wright lay face down on the groundwings to reduce drag and he controlled the plane by pulling wires.

Today the Wright Flyer is in the Smithsonian's Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C. displayed.

2nd Air Force One

The 10 Most Famous Airplanes in History - Aero Corner (2)

Despite being famous for getting the President of the United States where he needs to go, many people don't realize that Air Force One isn't a specific aircraft.

Today Air Force One is a Boeing VC-25 with a wingspan of over 195 feet and the ability to fly at 630 MPH. Technically, any plane thatcarry the PresidentSomewhere you can officially be called Air Force One.

Air Force One, which seats a crew of 26, is now a highly customized aircraft offering the ultimate in luxury and comfort, and Boeing appears to be the airline of choice for this type of aircraft.

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Today, vintage Air Force One aircraft are on display in museums and presidential libraries in places like Dayton, Ohio, and Tucson, Arizona.

3. Airbus A380

The 10 Most Famous Airplanes in History - Aero Corner (3)

Called the Superjumbo, thatAirbus 380It is one of the most famous aircraft in the world due to its size and capacity to carry more than 850 passengers to locations around the world.

The aircraft is designed in a biplane style and entered the commercial airline market in 2007. Interestingly, the plane is so huge that new barges, ships, and even roads had to be built to accommodate it.

In addition to the best technological advances and innovative facilities for passengers, the Airbus 380 is used by airlines around the world, including Singapore, Korea, France and Australia, among others.

There are currently about 70 of these aircraft and it is actually the largest passenger aircraft in the world.

4. Lockheed Vega5B

The 10 Most Famous Airplanes in History - Aero Corner (4)

This aircraft is a six seat monoplane and was used by Amelia Earhart when she became the first woman to fly solo and non-stop across the Atlantic. It's a popular type of aircraft for setting records, in part because of its robust construction and long-distance capabilities.

It has a wingspan of over 40 feet and can fly at speeds of up to 185 MPH, which was significant when Earhart made her journey in 1932.

Today this Lockheed Vega 5B is in the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C. displayed. It has a Pratt & Whitney Wasp R1340C engine and is approximately 28 feet long. It is certainly a very important event in US aviation history.

5. Cessna-Zitat-Excel

The 10 Most Famous Airplanes in History - Aero Corner (5)

This aircraft is relatively new, having made its maiden flight in early 1996. For years it has been a popular seller in the private jet market and a very economical competitor for twin turboprop aircraft. OCessna Citation XLIt is popular with private travelers primarily for its speed, low operating costs and ability to carry large numbers of passengers.

Before replacing withXLS quote, the Citation XL counted more than 300 aircraft and is now mainly used by private owners, private jet leasing operators and venture capital companies. This aircraft has a top speed of 506 MPH and a wingspan of over 55 feet.

6. Die Concordia

The 10 Most Famous Airplanes in History - Aero Corner (6)

Everyone knows the name, but not everyone knows much about this plane.the unityIt had a top speed of 1,350 MPH and a wingspan of over 82 feet and flew from London to New York City in just under 2 hours and 53 minutes in 1996.

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It regularly broke records thanks to its ability to transport passengers from one place to another in record time, making it one of the most famous airliners in the world.

Powered by four Rolls Royce/SNECMA Olympus 593 engines, Concorde first flew in March 1969. Although retired, it can be seen in many places around the world including the UK, France, Barbados and cities like Seattle and the City of New York in the United States.

7. Supermarine Spitfire

The 10 Most Famous Airplanes in History - Aero Corner (7)

With a semi-elliptical wing design and a span of 36ft, the Supermarine Spitfire is a significant aircraft thanks to its important role in British historyBattle of Britain in World War II. This achievement has made the Spitfire very popular with British citizens and the many pilots who have flown it over the years.

The Supermarine Spitfire has a maximum flight speed of over 600 km/h and is one of the most respected aircraft in the world. A total of 44 of these aircraft were built and today they can be found at numerous air shows, ceremonies and exhibitions.

8. Spirit of St. Ludwig

The 10 Most Famous Airplanes in History - Aero Corner (8)

Any list of famous aircraft must include the Spirit of St. Ludwig. The aircraft is a single-seat monoplane that Charles Lindbergh flew from New York to Paris in 1927. At that time, the aircraft was characterized by superior fuel efficiency and high-quality design. It was named to financial supporters of St. Louis, Missouri, where Lindbergh lived prior to his historic escape.

This plane had forward-facing fuel tanks to improve balance and safety, and required a periscope to see things in front of the plane. It was almost 28 feet long and could fly at 133 MPH. The journey from New York to Paris took more than 33 hours, but he was paid $25,000 for it. The aircraft is currently at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C. displayed.

9. Gulf Stream GIVE

The 10 Most Famous Airplanes in History - Aero Corner (9)

With a sleek, modern design and the ability to take business travelers anywhere they need to goGulfstream GIVIt was the first global executive jet. It was launched in 1987 and has since become a favorite among corporate jet passengers.

It can fly at speeds in excess of 580 MPH and is over 97 feet long. Production ceased in 2003 and was replaced by other executive jets.

The GIV was upgraded to the Gulfstream G650 circa 2003 and many of these aircraft still exist today. Gulfstream jets can be found in private collections, private jet charter operators and venture capital companies around the world.

10. Spaceship Two

The 10 Most Famous Airplanes in History - Aero Corner (10)

It's not difficult to understand why Space Ship Two is one of the most famous aircraft in the world. Manufactured by Virgin Galactic, Space Ship Two's primary purpose is to practice flying passengers in space, as it is a suborbital spacecraft specifically designed to transport space tourists.

For a down payment of just $20,000 - and a total price of $200,000 - you too could one day travel to space in this one-of-a-kind aircraft.

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Given the spaceship idea developed by Richard Branson, it will be interesting to find out how this aircraft works and what it will achieve in the years and decades to come.

Spaceship Two intends to launch all types of passengers into space from its headquarters in New Mexico, and its goal is to reach that goal as quickly as possible!

11. Boeing 747

The 10 Most Famous Airplanes in History - Aero Corner (11)

The Boeing 747 is probably the most iconic passenger plane in the sky. It's one oflargest commercial aircraftalready made, and it wasn't even originally made for that purpose.

The airframe was originally a proposal for the US military's strategic transport aircraft, or CX-Heavy Logistics System (CX-HLS). Unfortunately (or fortunately) for Boeing, the contract was awarded to Lockheed Martin and the C-5 Galaxy.

Around the same time, Boeing was asked by Pan Am Airlines to develop a passenger airliner twice the size of the 707. Unable to use the research and plans for the government contract, Boeing went back to the drawing board and turned the aircraft designs into the passenger and cargo planes we now know as the famous 747.

A total of 1,558 Boeing 747s were built as of 2020. The 747 has been in service since 1970 and continues to this day, although the iconic aircraft is being phased out by most major airlines.

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