How to Start a Lawn Mower After Winter (2023)

When winter comes, many people winterize their mowers and store them until spring of the next year. For this reason, the mower is stored in the garage during the coldest season. But in some cases, starting and using a lawn mower can be a chore.

After a period of hibernation, mowers tend to start slowly. Still, after a certain amount of swearing and some elaborate shoving practice, you might have luck to begin with. The main reason a lawn mower won't start is moisture, as water tends to mix with gasoline in the fuel tank and carburetor. There may also be interference with sparking at the spark plugs. To get the lawn mower in working condition, you need to resolve the moisture issues in the gas tank and the interfering spark plugs. Other reasons that prevent the mower from starting after a period of storage will be discussed later.

How to start a lawn mower afterwinter:

  • Step 1: Check and change the oil
  • Step 2: Discard the mower oil.
  • Step 3 – Check the gas tank
  • Step 4: Clean or change the filters
  • Step 5: Replace the spark plugs.
  • Step 6 – Tighten the brake cable.
  • Step 7: Clean the Dirty Carburetor
How to Start a Lawn Mower After Winter (1)

In this part, we will list in detail the steps required to start a mower that has stored all thewintersor has not been used for some time.


  • 1 Start your mower in 7 easy steps.
    • 1.1 ● Step 1: Check and change engine oil
    • 1.2 ● Step 2: Dispose of the mower oil:
    • 1.3 ● Step 3: Check the gas tank:
    • 1.4 ● Step 4: Clean or replace the filters:
    • 1.5 ● Step 5: Replace the spark plugs:
    • 1.6 ● Step 6: Tighten the brake cable:
    • 1.7 ● Step 7: Clean the dirty carburetor:
  • 2 related questions:
    • 2.1 ● How much time, skills and tools do I need to start my mower after a long period of rest?
    • 2.2 ● What type of fuel is recommended?
  • 3 Final considerations:
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Start your mower in 7 easy steps.

● Step 1: Check and change engine oil

Since your mower has been stored in a garage for a full season, it is important to check the engine oil. Normally, it is recommendedcheck engine oilan hour after using it. Still, in this case, as the machine has been idle for a whole season, it is advisable to check the engine oil even before starting the machine.

Initially, assess the quality of the fuel by checking whether any residue remains in the fuel. Also, be aware of how much waste there is. Dark and Black Engine Oil states that your engine oil needs to be changed to ensure smooth running of your It is often recommended to change the fuel twice a year. Once at the beginning of the season and once during the winter, you can store it for the entire season.

Changing a lawn mower's engine oil is a good practice, even if it's not one of the obstacles to starting the machine. This process is relatively inexpensive due to the small size of the motor. One person can easily inspect and eventually change theoilat home in less than 10 minutes.

● Step 2: Dispose of the mower oil:

First, to dispose of the oil, make sure you have an appropriate container to seal the oil. Make sure the container is airtight and won't spill. Typically, this recalled motor oil is usable by mechanics and oil change shops. Other than that, several other programs in the city are specifically geared towards oil removal. Smoke from the lawn mower is another sure sign that the oil needs to be checked and eventually changed. From the smoke, we knew if there was an oil leak somewhere. This leak should be located as soon as possible, as running the machine on low fuel can cause permanent engine damage.

● Step 3: Check the gas tank:

This step is taken as one more precaution before starting the engine. Before starting the mower, it is necessary to check that there is fuel in the tank, since we know that gasoline is not a stable fuel and it will disintegrate if left idle for more than 30 days. To avoid this intervention and loss of gasoline, it is necessary to stabilize the fuel or remove it completely and store it in a container.

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Now when you take the mower out after winter, the fuel tank should be empty, preventing excessive wear on the mower from sitting too long. Now you need to fill the pond with fresh grass. (In some cases, people use a stabilizer for their lawn mower's engine, which ensures fuel stays in the tank all season long.)

● Step 4: Clean or replace the filters:

After checking the gas tank andI changed the oil, the next step is to check the filters. It would help if you make sure your air filter is not clogged. If your air filter is clogged, the engine's oxygen supply will be affected, which could cause the engine to stall, as oxygen is a vital component for combustion.

It is always recommended to replace theair filter to cleansince it is not that expensive. A dirty/clogged air filter can be identified just by looking at it. Also, another sign that the air filter needs to be replaced is that the mower stalls while mowing the grass for a while.

Local box stores have air filters available for as little as $10. You can easily replace it once you know the correct size your mower uses. It is recommended to replace the mower air filter with regular maintenance, even if it is the main reason why the engine does not start.

● Step 5: Replace the spark plugs:

In the case of a touring lawn mower, the spark plugs are located at the front. A common identification for them is that they have wires attached to them and black rubber bands also cover them to prevent contact with dust.

(Video) Lawn mower cold start + bonus cold starts

After checking the wire connections, the next step is to test the spark plugs. After removing the spark plugs with a socket wrench. A few simple twists should do the job. A clear indication that youryou have to change spark plugsIt is corrosion and discoloration in its business purposes. It is recommended to replace the spark plugs, although a bit of cleaning can also fix the problem in some cases.

Changing spark plugs is as easy as changing air filters. Once you have located where they are attached, you can use a socket wrench to remove them and then attach a new one. Local hardware stores and online shopping sites like Amazon can help you get the right plugs for your machine.

Especially when a lawnmower has been sitting for a while and won't start even after changing the oil andair filter, the main fault is in the spark plugs, and replacing them would do the job.

● Step 6 – Tighten the brake cable:

The mower may also not work if the brake cable is loose. Pulling on the brake lever and then using your hand to pull on the brake cable can help you estimate brake slack. Tightening the brake cable is an easy task that can be done with a wrench and a pair of grips.

● Step 7: Clean the dirty carburetor:

If your mower won't start after following the steps above, the next obvious culprit is thecarburetor. The carburetor can corrode or clog if fuel is left over while in storage for the season. It can be cleaned simply with vinegar or any carburettor cleaner.

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If the mower does not start aftercarburetor cleaning, it is recommended to replace it. Also, check for the faulty flywheel and fuel pump if the above steps do not resolve your issues.

Related questions:

How much time, skills and tools do I need to start my mower after a long waiting period?

Starting a mower that has been sitting idle for a while is an easy task that can easily be done at home in a few hours, provided you have the right knowledge.

The tools and elements necessary for this work are oil,plugs, socket wrench, spanner, clamping jaws and safety equipment (goggles and gloves).

What type of fuel is recommended?

Fuel without ethanol is the most recommended in this scenario. This can be comparatively a bit expensive, but it prevents corrosion and clogging that gasoline can cause. use without ethanolfuel can also prevent you from using an additional stabilizer. So even if you put your mower away, you don't have to drain all the gas or add stabilizers. An example of suchgasit's TruFuel.

Final considerations:

After sitting idle for a while, starting a mower is more like an annual tune-up for your machine. It's more like touch and try, but you can easily do it at home. It is always recommended to use some reference videos and articles before starting the task to be more aware of the required step, processes and tools needed.


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