Best Neck Pain Pillows of 2023 | base to sleep (2023)

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Neck pain plagues many Americans and the causes are not always clear. If you frequently wake up with neck pain, your pillow may be partly to blame. Your pillow's function is to keep your neck and head at the right height to avoid unnecessary strain. A pillow that is too high or too low can increase pressure as the neck tries to compensate for the lack of support.

In our tests, we look at how well they stand up to wear and tear, decide who finds them comfortable, and determine whether or not they can help relieve neck pain. Since weight and sleeping position affect the feel of your pillow, be sure to use testers from multiple weight groups and sleeper types. We also make sure all pillows are tested on the same mattress so our ratings are consistent.

Our conclusion – what is the best pillow for neck pain?

Sleepers with neck pain often benefit from a pillow that cradles their head and neck while remaining at just the right angle to prevent strain. we choose themComes with latex padOur preferred choice due to its narrow cradle and adjustable loft, making it suitable for most sleeping positions.

The best pillows for neck pain

Best Overall –Comes with latex pad

Best value -Almofada Groove original

Best for side sleepers –

Best for spinal alignment -Luxome LAYR Customizable Pillow

More confortable -

Best for combination sleepers –Sweet Zzz herbal pillow

Best Luxury –

Best neck support –Marlow pillow

Good Luck Damage –Brooklinen Pillow - Firm

Best pillows for neck pain video

Watch our video below to learn more about our lab's top pillow options for neck pain sleepers.

Read our top picks to learn more about each one's unique materials and properties. In the Buying Guide section, we'll detail why you might have neck pain and how your pillow can help. We'll take a closer look at how pillow posture and construction can improve comfort, and teach you what to look for when purchasing a pillow for neck pain.

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Product Details

Best Neck Pain Pillows of 2023 | base to sleep (1) Best Neck Pain Pillows of 2023 | base to sleep (2) Best Neck Pain Pillows of 2023 | base to sleep (3) Best Neck Pain Pillows of 2023 | base to sleep (4)

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best overall

Comes with latex pad

Best Neck Pain Pillows of 2023 | base to sleep (9)

Preis:$165 - Queen $185 - King

To fill in:Crushed alternative made from 100% American Talalay latex and down

Strength:kinda soft

Who is best suited for:

  • Sleepers who prefer softer pillows that hug comfortably
  • Those who want an adjustable loft pillow
  • hot platters


  • Microdenier padding softens latex core for a comfortable, balanced feel
  • Removable components let you change the loft and feel
  • Wrapped in a breathable organic cotton shell

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final result

Typically, heavily contoured pillows tend to trap heat. Our testers found the Saatva latex pillow to be exceptionally cool considering how tight it hugs the head and neck.

The Saatva latex pillow convinced many of our testers thanks to its customizable design. This feature was successful with our team's side and stomach platters.

how it worked

You can choose to use the inner pillow and core together, or just the inner pillow. Sleepers on our team who prefer flatter models liked the inner pillow, which is 2 cm high and softer to the touch. If you sleep on your side, we recommend using both pillows. This configuration has an 8-inch loft that helps keep a side sleeper's head and neck in line with other areas along the spine.

A thick gusset helps the pillow maintain its full shape, earning high marks in our shape retention tests. Thanks to this feature, you don't have to fluff it up very often. Latex and cotton are naturally breathable materials, so the components inside don't retain much body heat, and the pillow slept quite cool during our tests.

what's it made of

The core contains crushed Talalay latex that feels equal parts soft and responsive. Down alternative microdenier fibers cushion the inner pillow to increase softness without sacrificing support. The outer layer is made from breathable organic cotton. As a bonus for homeowners, both the cover and microdenier pillow are home washable, so you'll save yourself the hassle of hand washing or dry cleaning bills. Queen and king sizes are available.

As part of your purchase, you can add two satin pillowcases at an additional cost. Saatva offers free shipping to all customers in the contiguous US. The pillow is backed by a 45-night trial and 1-year warranty.

Read our full Saatva latex pillow review to learn more.

Best Neck Pain Pillows of 2023 | base to sleep (10)

best value

Almofada Groove original

(Video) Best Pillows for Neck Pain 2023 - Our Top Picks For Pain Relief!

Best Neck Pain Pillows of 2023 | base to sleep (11)

Preis:$60 - Standard

To fill in:Bamboo charcoal infused memory foam

Strength:medium company

Who is best suited for:

  • side and rear sleepers
  • People who frequently wake up with neck or shoulder pain
  • Budget conscious shoppers


  • Cervical design lifts the neck and cradles the head
  • Scuba mesh cover is soft, breathable and machine washable
  • Buyers get discounts when buying multiple pillows

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final result

The Original Groove Pillow offers an ergonomic design and excellent neck pain relief at an affordable price. The solid foam core comfortably elevates the neck while cradling the head, making it a great choice for side and back sleepers.

Pillows that effectively reduce neck pain can be a little pricey, but the Original Groove Pillow is affordable without sacrificing quality or performance. The ergonomic design is especially beneficial when you wake up with neck stiffness or pain.

how it worked

With a loft of 4.5 inches, the pillow has received its best reviews from side and back sleepers. The solid foam core feels adaptable, but a firm feel and ergonomic design should keep your head and neck from sinking too low. We were also impressed with the breathable mesh cover, which noticeably offsets the foam's heat-absorbing properties.

what's it made of

The pillow's core is made from firm memory foam infused with bamboo charcoal to balance heat retention. An ergonomic shape helps alleviate discomfort by elevating the neck and cradling the head, and an average 4.5-inch loft should be comfortable for both side and back sleepers.

The cover is made from breathable polyester mesh with a luxuriously soft hand. You can remove the cover and machine wash it to keep your pillow hygienic. Wash cover with white then air or machine dry. Weighing just over 2 pounds, the pillow is very light and easy to reposition during the night. One size is available.

In addition to the pillow's below-average price, you'll receive a 10% to 20% discount when you add two, three, or four pillows to your purchase. Shipping is free on most orders, but the price is pretty low if you pay for delivery. Groove's sleep trial lasts for 100 nights, during which you can return the pillow if it doesn't meet your expectations.

Best Neck Pain Pillows of 2023 | base to sleep (12) Best Neck Pain Pillows of 2023 | base to sleep (13) Best Neck Pain Pillows of 2023 | base to sleep (14) Best Neck Pain Pillows of 2023 | base to sleep (15)

  • Best Neck Pain Pillows of 2023 | base to sleep (16)
  • Best Neck Pain Pillows of 2023 | base to sleep (17)
  • Best Neck Pain Pillows of 2023 | base to sleep (18)
  • Best Neck Pain Pillows of 2023 | base to sleep (19)

Best for side sleepers

Eli & Elm cotton side pillow

Best Neck Pain Pillows of 2023 | base to sleep (20)

Preis:$ 125

To fill in:75% latex and 25% polyester fibers

Strength:medium, adjustable

Who is best suited for:

  • Side sleepers looking for an ergonomic shape
  • hot platters
  • People who value the ability to adjust loft and firmness


  • Infill can be added or removed to adjust loft and strength
  • Moderately high volume and medium firmness are good for side sleeping
  • Unique design conforms to the shoulders to reduce neck and shoulder pain

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final result

Our team's side sleepers welcomed the recessed design of the cotton side pillow. The curved shape gave room for the shoulders and allowed for more neck contouring.

The Eli & Elm Side Sleeper Pillow has an unconventional shape with a recessed shoulder center that conforms to your body when sleeping on your side. This adapts to your shoulders and provides the support you need to reduce neck pain.

how it worked

The pillow has a relatively high fill power, which our side sleep testers really liked. This thickness helps keep your head and neck in line with the rest of your body as you sleep on your side. While the pillow was designed specifically for side sleepers, our team's back sleepers, weighing up to 230 pounds, also liked the mid-size feel of this model.

Latex feels more responsive, and that kept the pillow from sagging under the weight of our testers' heads. Thanks to the use of breathable materials such as cotton and latex, the pillow performed extremely well in our temperature neutrality tests. We recommend this model if you are prone to heat or sweat at night.

what's it made of

The filling is a mix of latex and polyester fibers that offers enough strength to keep your head up. Latex is a naturally breathable material and the padding features gel infusions for added cooling. Padding can be added or removed to adjust loft, which also affected strength during our tests. You can also buy extra stuffing if you prefer an even thicker profile. The pillow has a breathable organic cotton/polyester blend cover that is machine washable for easy care.

The Eli & Elm Organic Cotton Side Pillow is offered in one size only, which fits a queen or king mattress. Shipping to the contiguous United States is free. The pillow comes with a 45-day return policy and a 5-year warranty.

Best Neck Pain Pillows of 2023 | base to sleep (21)

Best for spinal alignment

Luxome LAYR Customizable Pillow

Best Neck Pain Pillows of 2023 | base to sleep (22)

Preis:$ 100 - Standard/Queen $ 115 - King

(Video) Is THIS The BEST PILLOW for Neck Pain in 2022? - Groove Pillow Review!

To fill in:Alternative Down, Shredded Gel Infused Memory Foam, Firm Gel Infused Memory Foam


Who is best suited for:

  • combined sleeper
  • Those who tend to sleep hot or sweat in bed
  • value seekers


  • Each pillow comes with three inserts that allow you to adjust volume and firmness
  • Bamboo-derived viscose shell is exceptionally soft and breathable
  • Customers who buy two pillows get 50% off the second model

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final result

The Luxome LAYR is one of the most customizable pillows we've tested. Every deployment looks different, and all of our testers found at least one setup that felt thick and supported enough.

The adjustable design of the Luxome LAYR Adjustable Pillow accommodated most of our testers, regardless of their loft and firmness preferences. Each pillow comes with three inserts. Luxome encourages you to mix and match insoles to find your ideal loft and firmness level.

how it worked

The softer pillow is better if you like extra fluffy pillows. Our team's sleepers liked the soft feel that provided an even sleeping surface. The second insert has a slightly firmer feel but also provides deep padding for the head and neck. This option performed best with our back testers, whose needs tend to be more flexible. The firmer pad, on the other hand, offers consistent support, which has made it popular with our side sleepers. You can also remove inserts to customize the attic to your needs. Thanks to the breathable components, the pillow slept fairly cool during our tests, despite the foam inserts' tendency to retain heat.

what's it made of

A bamboo viscose cover surrounds the inserts. The softer insert is made from alternative down fibers, the middle feels like shredded gel-infused memory foam, and the two firmer inserts contain solid gel-infused memory foam. Mesh panels on the sides promote airflow throughout the interior, and the fabric has moisture-wicking properties. The cover and shells are machine washable, but you should not wash the foam or down filling. Standard/queen and king sizes are available.

The LAYR Customizable Cushion is affordably priced. If you order two pillows, you get 50% off the second model. All customers in the contiguous US are eligible for free ground shipping. Luxome allows returns and exchanges within 30 days from the date of delivery as long as the pillow is clean and undamaged.

Best Neck Pain Pillows of 2023 | base to sleep (23)

More confortable

Silk and snow pillows

Best Neck Pain Pillows of 2023 | base to sleep (24)

Preis:$75 - Standard $85 - King

To fill in:Shredded memory foam core with alternative microfiber outer chamber


Who is best suited for:

  • Sleepers who need heavy pressure relief
  • People whose loft changes from night to night
  • Who likes fluffy pillows


  • adjustable attic
  • Memory foam and faux construction
  • Deeply fill contours around the head and neck to relieve pressure

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final result

We love the softness of Silk & Snow's down alternative combined with the contoured foam. This is a great pillow option if you want to relieve neck pain.

If you suffer from neck pain at night, you can greatly benefit from a pressure-relieving pillow. We found that the Silk & Snow pillow provided just enough padding to cradle your neck, reducing pressure buildup while still providing moderate support.

how it worked

Due to the adjustable design, the Silk & Snow was compatible with most of our testers' sleeping positions. Even the prone sleepers on our team, who generally have a harder time finding a suitable pillow, found this pillow comfortable. When you sleep on your stomach, you usually need low pillows to keep your head in line with your spine. This pillow lets you remove large amounts of foam to achieve that low loft. The plush padding and memory foam combine to provide excellent contouring for the head and neck, which goes a long way towards pain relief. At the same time, we found that the pillow retained a medium feel that kept our testers' heads from sinking too deeply into the pillow.

what's it made of

The pillow features a shredded memory foam core that helps elevate your head while remaining pliable. The foam core is surrounded by a microfiber padding chamber that mimics the plush feel of down and cushions the head and neck. A breathable cotton cover wraps around the pillow. This cover is also removable and machine washable for easy care. Silk & Snow recommends washing on the cold cycle and tumble drying low.

Silk & Snow offers a 100-night trial sleep, where you can try the mattress and return it after a mandatory 30-day break-in period. The pillow is also backed by a 3 year warranty. Shipping within the contiguous United States and all Canadian provinces is free.

Best Neck Pain Pillows of 2023 | base to sleep (25)

Best for combination sleepers

Sweet Zzz herbal pillow

Best Neck Pain Pillows of 2023 | base to sleep (26)

Preis:$99 - Queen $119 - King

To fill in:Alternative plant down fibers


Who is best suited for:

  • hot platters
  • People with acute pressure points
  • value seekers


  • Cotton cover allows airflow to regulate temperature
  • Alternate plant-down padding wraps around the head and neck to reduce pressure build-up
  • 50 night sleep test

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(Video) Best Pillow for Neck Pain and Headaches | 3 Recommendations from a Mississauga Chiropractor

final result

Sweet Zzz's plant-based pillow provided excellent cushioning for our testers, who felt the pressure buildup in their necks. He also slept much cooler compared to traditional down.

The Plant-Based Sweet Zzz Pillow features a core of botanically sourced alternative fibers that provide deep cushioning for the head and neck. This gesture and average feel made the Acute Pressure Point Pillow popular with our testers.

how it worked

The medium feel offered a comfortable balance of cushioning and support that most of our team liked. Our tests found that back sleepers particularly appreciated the mid-zone sensation, which helped keep the body in an even plane while relieving pressure on the neck. You can also take advantage of the pillow if you tend to sleep hot, as the fibers retain less heat than traditional down. The cover is naturally moisture-wicking, making it a great choice if you sweat a lot at night.

what's it made of

Natural cotton makes up the cushion cover, which is breathable and moisture-wicking. The core of the pillow consists of two layers of plant fibers. The outer layer contains soft fibers that provide excellent cushioning for the head and neck, while the inner layer has firmer, denser fibers for extra support. The pillow is fully machine washable. Just wash it in cold water on the gentle cycle and tumble dry on low heat.

Two sizes are available: Standard and King. Along with the competitive price, you're entitled to free shipping if you live in the contiguous US, and Sweet Zzz offers a 50-night sleep trial. Purchases of plant-based pillows are backed by a 1-year warranty that covers structural defects.

Best Neck Pain Pillows of 2023 | base to sleep (27)

Best Luxury

Boll & Branch down chamber pillow

Best Neck Pain Pillows of 2023 | base to sleep (28)

Preis:$150 - Standard $160 - King

To fill in:white down

Strength:soft, medium, firm

Who is best suited for:

  • Those who generally find feather pillows too soft
  • Sleepers looking for extra neck support
  • Animal-conscious shoppers


  • Chambered design creates a smooth surface with a stable grip
  • Three density options for different sleeping positions
  • Outer material made of soft and breathable organic cotton

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final result

The Boll & Branch Lower Chamber Cushion is based on a classic design with thoughtful construction and high-quality materials. Our testers were impressed with how soft and supportive the pillow felt.

Boll & Branch has built a solid reputation for providing luxury sleep products at affordable prices. The low chamber pillow embodies the brand's commitment to quality and affordability. This pillow comes in three density levels, allowing most people to choose at least one comfortable option, regardless of their primary sleeping position.

how it worked

Our team has tested all three lower chamber pillow density levels. The soft design sinks a little deeper, resulting in a lower profile that was more comfortable for stomach sleepers. If you sleep on your back, we recommend the medium density pillow - you should get adequate neck support without excessive lift. The side sleepers on our team preferred the firm pillow for its extra volume and thick profile.

During our temperature control tests, we found that the down retains some heat, but the breathable outer layer promotes adequate airflow to avoid uncomfortable heat. The chambered design distributes the filling evenly so you don't have to fluff the pillow as often, but the down and feathers ensure a pliable, cozy feel. You may first notice a slight odor, which is common with down pillows.

what's it made of

The pillow is constructed with three chambers. Soft pillows contain down in all three chambers. Down fills the outer chambers of medium and firm pillows, creating a soft surface for the head and neck, while down fills the core to provide support and prevent uncomfortable sinking. The pillow has been certified to the International Down Standard, indicating that all geese are treated humanely.

A breathable cover made from organic cotton wraps around the filling. The pillow is fully machine washable. Wash in cold water on gentle cycle, then tumble dry on low heat. Boll & Branch recommends washing the pillow no more than once every 3 months to preserve its structure. Standard and king sizes are available.

In addition to affordable prices on bedding pillows, Boll & Branch offers free shipping on all orders within the US. Returns are accepted within 30 days as long as the pillow is in perfect condition with the original tags intact.

Best Neck Pain Pillows of 2023 | base to sleep (29)

best neck brace

Marlow pillow

Best Neck Pain Pillows of 2023 | base to sleep (30)

Preis:$65 - Standard $85 - King

To fill in:80% memory foam, 20% polyester fiber


Who is best suited for:

  • People who usually sleep warm with memory foam pillows
  • People with persistent neck or shoulder pain
  • Buyers looking for a long sleep test pillow


  • Cushion can be adjusted to three levels of firmness
  • Mesh gussets encourage airflow to help you stay cool
  • Shoppers save up to 40% when ordering multiple pillows

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final result

The Marlow Adjustable Pillow features an innovative design with three levels of firmness. We appreciated the soft combination of memory foam and fiberfill, and found the pillow easy to adjust.

(Video) BEST Sleeping Positions For Neck Pain Relief! Tips from a Physical Therapist

There are some adjustable pillows on the market, but most require adding and removing padding. This process can be a little time consuming. The innovative Marlow Pillow allows you to easily unzip or unzip to change the level of loft and firmness. Three configurations are available, and most of our testers found at least one that felt comfortable and provided adequate neck support.

how it worked

Our testers rated the firmness and loft of each Marlow pillow. The taller, tighter configuration with a two-way zipper felt more comfortable for side sleepers, filling the gap between the neck and the downturned shoulder. With one size unzipped and the other closed, the pillow has a medium loft and feel. Our back sleepers preferred this configuration, while our stomach sleepers were more comfortable with a lower profile and softer feel.

The Marlow Pillow's temperature control varies by configuration, as the zipper on both sides creates a barrier between your head and the mesh vents. However, the cotton shell is quite breathable and the memory foam is infused with cooling gel, so overheating shouldn't be an issue for most people. Plush filling also ensures good malleability.

what's it made of

The Marlow Pillow contains a blend of shredded gel-infused memory foam and down alternative fibers. You'll notice some contouring around the head and neck, with increased softness from the fiber fill. The cover is made of 100% cotton. If you want a full loft and a tighter feel, close both sides. Opening on one side makes the pillow slightly flatter and softer, while opening on both sides creates a low profile and a soft feel.

You should only clean the pillow if stains appear. Frequent fluffing may be necessary to redistribute the stuffing and achieve a complete shape. Standard and king sizes are available.

The Marlow Pillow has a great sticker price and shipping is free within the contiguous US. Receive 25% off your total purchase when you order two pillows and 40% off when you order four. The pillow comes with a generous sleep test that lets you test it for up to 365 nights before deciding to return or keep it. If you choose the latter, you'll receive an additional 2-year warranty against construction defects.

Best Neck Pain Pillows of 2023 | base to sleep (31)

good luck damage

Brooklinen Pillow - Firm

Best Neck Pain Pillows of 2023 | base to sleep (32)

Preis:$69 - Standard $89 - King

To fill in:Canadian white down with spring core


Who is best suited for:

  • People who sleep looking for a high pillow
  • People who prefer the soft, airy feel of a down/feather pillow
  • hot platters


  • High and authentic filling
  • Down and feathers promote cooling
  • Dense spring core enhances support while providing a soft feel for your head and neck

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final result

The Brooklinen Down Pillow has a high loft that is perfect for sleepers who need strong neck support. Unlike some high-loft pillows that lift your head too high, the down padding keeps the pillow from bowing your neck uncomfortably.

Many down pillows we've tested sag and don't provide enough support, but the Brooklinen Down Pillow is a notable exception. This pillow comes in three levels of firmness, and the firm option provides excellent support to keep your neck high and comfortable.

how it worked

The firm feel of the Brooklinen Down Pillow has a compartmentalized design with softer down on the surface and denser feathers forming the core. This ensures you get more neck support without sacrificing the soft feel of natural down. The highest loft seemed comfortable for many of our team's side sleepers. The down and feathers did compress a little during our lab tests, but the pillow provided ample cushioning for this group. Belly and back sleepers may prefer one of the milder options.

what's it made of

Down - which refers to the soft inner feathers of geese and ducks - is a popular pillow material due to its naturally soft and airy nature. This pillow's down and feathers slept exceptionally cool in our tests, and the cover is made from soft cotton with a satin weave. You don't have to worry about this pillow absorbing and blocking body heat like foam pillows do. The down materials are certified by the Down Association of Canada (where the down is made) to ensure the down is ethically sourced.

Down pillows can be quite expensive, but the Brooklinen model is less expensive than other down pillows we've tried. Brooklinen offers an exceptionally long 365-night sleep test and a 1-year pillow warranty.

Why you can trust us

Our team at Sleep Foundation is made up of experts and testers with years of experience in the sleep product industry. We've tested over 300 pillows to find out which ones work best for sleepers with different needs. Our team includes back, side, abs and combination sleepers, as well as sleepers of different body types. This allows us to map the widest possible range of sleep preferences into our results.

How do we rate these pillows

During the testing process, our team members lie on each pillow for a period of time to assess firmness, support, pressure relief and other performance characteristics relevant to neck pain sleepers. Testers take turns evaluating the pillow in different positions. The selection above reflects pads that have outperformed all other models.

What is neck pain?

The neck is responsible for supporting all the weight of the head and it is not surprising that this delicate part of the body is very prone to injury. the 2018disease burden of the United StatesStudy found that neck pain is gaining importance as a leading cause of disability in the American population. Most sources estimate that between 25 and 30 percent of people experience neck pain each year. Although many episodes of neck pain resolve naturally, for some it can become a chronic condition with adverse consequences for their quality of life.

Neck pain can be caused by many factors. It can result from an injury or a chronic condition, such asArthritis, or it can result from daily habits, such as poor posture or sitting too long in front of the computer. Although symptoms vary, people with neck pain often experience:

  • Neck pain, especially with repetitive activities or sitting for long periods
  • limited freedom of movement
  • Headache
  • muscle cramps
  • poor sleep quality

If you're experiencing severe pain or additional symptoms, or if you're not sure what's causing your neck pain, it's a good idea to see a doctor to rule out any underlying medical conditions.

Regular exercise and a healthy body weight should play a role.positive impactfor chronic neck pain. OAmerican Chiropractic Associationpoints out that neck pain is often associated with high levels of stress and obesity.

neck pain and sleep

The 8 hours you spend in bed every night is a critical time when you have neck pain. The positions you adopt when sleeping can relax or add stress to your neck. As part of your sleeping environment, a supportive pillow should promote proper neck and spine alignment.

An unsupportive pillow can not only make your neck pain worse, it can alsostudies showthat the wrong pillow can be the direct cause of nighttime discomfort. This leads to night awakenings and creates a vicious cycle that makes it difficult to get the rest you need to recover from neck pain.

Your pillow is unlikely to be the sole cause of your neck pain. However, choosing the right pillow and adopting a healthy sleeping position can help relieve pressure on your neck. You must replace your pillow when it can no longer provide adequate support.

How to choose a pillow for neck pain

If you suffer from neck pain, choosing the right pillow can be an important step towards living a pain-free life. The right pillow depends on your individual needs. We'll guide you through key considerations, including choosing the best material, shape, and thickness for your unique sleeping style.

What should be considered when buying a pillow for neck pain?

Most people don't think much about their pillow other than choosing a pillow that feels nice and soft for instant comfort. This means that when we realize that our pillow could be contributing to neck pain, we may not know how to choose pillow. If you're in this position, you could be vulnerable to deceptive marketing and end up choosing an inappropriate pillow for your needs.

To help you get started, we've compiled a list of the most important factors. By focusing on these factors and having a basic understanding of pillow properties and construction, you can find the pillow that fits you best.

    • attic: Loft determines the angle of your head in relation to your spine. A pillow that is too high or too low can force your neck to bend at an unnatural angle, causing strain and discomfort over time. For this reason, sleep experts recommend choosing a pillow that keeps your head and neck in line with your spine. When choosing your pillow, don't forget to consider the width of your shoulders and the size of your head. If you're not sure of your ideal height, you might want to buy a pillow that has an adjustable height.
    • Support:A pillow should not only be the right height under your head, but also provide adequate support for your neck. This is most commonly seen with neck pillows that fit snugly around the neck rather than leaving a space where the neck is unsupported. This design is especially useful for side and back sleepers.
    • Degree of hardness:The firmness of the pillow determines where your head will rest, so it's important to carefully consider this aspect. The right pillow firmness for you depends on the weight of your head, the height of the pillow, the position you sleep in, and the firmness of the mattress. Pillows that are too firm can cause pressure points, for example in the ears when sleeping on your side. On the other hand, pillows that are too soft can sag under your head and provide insufficient support.
    • pressure relief: A good pillow provides pressure relief by relieving pressure on your neck and conforming to reduce pressure points. For the best pressure relief, choose a pillow that is the right shape and size for your sleeping position and the right firmness to relieve pressure on touch points.
    • Form:Today's manufacturers offer a diverse range of ergonomic pillows that provide enhanced support by conforming to the shape of your head and neck. Some people also choose to add another pillow to their decor, a popular choice is a small under neck roll in addition to the main pillow. Pillow shape is a matter of personal preference, but if you're not finding relief from your neck pain, a solution might be to try a neck pillow. This type of pillow is specially designed to provide strong support for the cervical spine, which can help reduce neck pain and improve sleep quality.
    • Preis:Investing in a good pillow is crucial for your overall health and neck health in particular. Pillow prices vary greatly depending on material and design. When purchasing a pillow, keep in mind that certain types of pillows will last for years, while others may need to be replaced after a year or two as their materials wear out and lose their ability to adjust or adjust.
    • High quality materials:Within broad categories such as memory foam or feather pillows, the quality of your custom pillow plays a significant role in determining its longevity and comfort. Some pillows can be washed occasionally and dried properly to fluff them up and extend their lifespan.

Which pillow materials are best for neck pain?

The best pillow for neck and shoulder pain is firm enough to keep your head at a healthy angle, yet soft enough to relieve pressure points. Most sleepers find success with a memory foam, latex, buckwheat or feather pillow, as these materials offer the best balance of support and pressure relief.

  • memory foam:Memory foam adapts to heat and pressure, forming a supportive cradle around your head and neck.Memory foam pilloware hypoallergenic, inexpensive and widely available, in solid or crushed form. However, they have a limited lifespan and the material's slow response to pressure can be frustrating if you're a mixed sleeper. The material also tends to retain heat.
  • buckwheat:The buckwheat hulls naturally weave together and hold their shape, making them a great choice for head and neck support. As a natural material, buckwheat is naturally breathable, allergen resistant, durable and environmentally friendly. in the background,buckwheat pillowtend to be high priced and can take a little getting used to as they are not as soft as other types of traditional pillows and make noise when changing positions.
  • Feder:Good qualityfeather pillowthey are soft and offer excellent customization. They are also often adjustable, allowing you to adjust the puff by removing feathers or adding more. Unfortunately, feather pillows tend to lose volume as the feathers compress over time. Many people also find that the springs can shift under the weight of the head, affecting the support they provide.
  • Latex:Natural latex has a buoyant feel that keeps your neck in place while minimizing pressure points. Manylatex chestsfeature central holes for better temperature regulation. The biggest downside to latex is that latex pillows are usually one piece, so you can't mold them into a custom shape. While many people are turning to latex as a natural and sustainable option, organic and other certifications tend to drive up the price.
  • Below:Down is made from the inner feathers of ducks and geese and is extremely soft and light.feather pillowcan be refurbished at will. Due to the high price of down and its ability to cause allergies in some people, many sleepers choose italternative pillows, made of polyester fibers. Unfortunately, both down and down pillows lose their shape easily and tend to be too soft to provide adequate neck support.
  • Polyschaum:Most polyfoam pillows provide some contour and respond to pressure more quickly than memory foam, although like memory foam they retain heat. Polyfoam pillows are lightweight, affordable and hypoallergenic. However, they will develop permanent indentations over time and will need to be replaced more often than other types of pillows.

What is the best pillow placement for neck pain?

Sleep experts recommend sleeping on your back or side for neck pain. Sleeping on your stomach causes your head to tilt at a sharp angle and your spine to curve, which puts unwanted pressure on your neck. If you only sleep on your stomach, choose a low-height pillow to minimize pressure.

For best results, back and side sleepers should ensure their head, neck and upper spine are in a straight line. Sleeping with a pillow that is too high or too low can cause pain. Likewise, sleeping with your head turned to one side or the other can cause neck pain.

  • Raised neck side:In order for those who sleep on their side to avoid neck pain, it is important to keep their head aligned with their spine. OBest pillow for side sleeperswith neck pain should have a loft equal to the distance between the ears and the edge of the shoulders. This means that if you have broader shoulders, you generally need a higher loft. Because your neck naturally sits higher than your head, neck pillows have a raised under-neck area that provides neck support and promotes proper alignment.
  • Back with two pillows:Typically, pillows for back sleepers should be a medium height that lifts the head just enough to be in line with the back of the neck. But back sleepers face a similar problem to side sleepers, as most pillows do not support the highest curvature of the neck. If you are struggling to find a suitable support pillow, you can opt for a small rounded pillow under your neck in addition to your main pillow for added support.

More tips for those who sleep with neck pain

In addition to choosing the right pillow, you can reduce neck pain with lifestyle changes like adopting proper posture, taking breaks to stretch, and being more active in general. People with neck pain should avoid shoulder bags, bending over, and prolonged sitting at the computer.

  • Choose the right mattress:Your body's general position is affected not only by your pillow, but also by yourmattress. Thicker mattresses will sink your body even deeper, which means you need a lower loft pillow. The opposite is true for firmer mattresses, which require a higher pillow to maintain proper neck and spine alignment.
  • Engage in physical therapy:From daily routines to more serious regimens, there are many exercises you can do to relax your neck muscles and relieve stress on your neck, shoulders and upper back. A certified massage therapist or chiropractor can also help. Always consult a doctor before starting any treatment.
  • Use ice or heat:Many people with neck pain get immediate relief from a hot or cold compress or a warm bath. This may not cure your neck problems, but it can be a helpful short-term solution.

common questions

What types of pillow are best for neck pain sleepers?

The best pillow for neck pain is one that is the right height, firmness, and shape for your preferred sleeping position. Preferences vary between pillow types. Some people find memory foam pillows to relieve neck pain, while others are much more comfortable with a microfiber filling.

There are also variations in pillow types - memory foam pillows are available as a solid piece or with crushed foam filling, and each variation works well for some people but not for others. Rather than focusing on pillow type, it's more important to determine the height, shape, and filling that best suits your body type and preferred sleeping position. Reading independent reviews can help you understand these factors, as can talking to the healthcare professionals who treat your neck pain.

What is the best pillow height for neck pain sleepers?

The right pillow height to relieve neck pain is one that keeps your head and neck at a neutral angle, in line with the natural curvature of your spine. So the right loft depends on your preferred sleeping position. For example, side sleepers will typically need a medium to high pillow, while stomach sleepers will need pillows that are lower to prevent neck strain. You should also consider how deep the mattress sinks, as one that cradles you deeply may require a lower bottom pillow.

How firm should a pillow be to relieve neck pain?

Pillows should be firm enough to support your neck without creating pressure points, but the exact firmness of a pillow depends on your usual sleeping position. Back and side sleepers generally need firmer pillows than stomach sleepers, while combination sleepers whose firmness preferences change should consider an adjustable pillow.

If you prefer pillows that are too soft that don't provide enough support for your neck, you might enjoy a memory foam pillow with significant pressure relief. The foam core should still provide enough support, but its contouring properties can make it "softer" and therefore more comfortable.

Do you have more questions?

Our product experts have extensive experience testing nearly every sleeping product on the market. Send an email to[Email protected]or call us at(877) 672-8966with your questions and we'll help you find exactly what you're looking for.

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What pillow do doctors recommend for neck pain? ›

A 2020 study discovered that latex and memory foam are the best pillow materials for neck pain. This is because these materials provide neck support, which can improve sleep quality.

What type of pillow is best for side sleepers with neck pain? ›

A firmer pillow is best for neck pain if you sleep on your side, and a firm pillow with a low loft is good for neck pain if you sleep on your back. If you sleep on your stomach, a plush, low-loft pillow is better to keep your spine in alignment.

What type of pillows do chiropractors recommend? ›

Chiropractors often recommend pillows made from memory foam or latex. These materials mold to your body and provide gentle support. You may also want to consider a pillow with a built-in neck roll. This can help keep your spine aligned while you sleep.

Is it better to sleep on a hard or soft pillow for neck pain? ›

For the 70 percent of us who sleep on our sides, firm pillows work best to ensure proper neck and head alignment. The pillow should be no more than 4 inches from the mattress and have foam or latex filling to keep its shape.

How do I stop my neck from hurting when I sleep? ›

How To Prevent Neck And Shoulder Pain From Sleeping
  1. Change your pillow. ...
  2. Avoid sleeping on your stomach. ...
  3. Try a new sleeping position. ...
  4. Consider changing your mattress. ...
  5. Improve your sleeping habits. ...
  6. Consider a visit to a physiotherapist.

How should I sleep to avoid neck pain? ›

What is the best sleeping position for neck pain? Two sleeping positions are easiest on the neck: on your side or on your back. If you sleep on your back, choose a rounded pillow to support the natural curve of your neck, with a flatter pillow cushioning your head.

What firmness is best for neck pain? ›

When it comes to pain relief, mattress firmness can absolutely make a difference. According to research from 2015 , medium-firm mattresses are a great option for promoting comfort and spinal alignment.

What is the best sleeping position for neck pain? ›

Lying on your side is the best sleep position for decreasing neck and back pain, according to a 2019 review. It may also be the best option for people who snore, are pregnant, or have digestive problems like acid reflux. Side sleeping helps keep your head and neck aligned with the rest of your body.

Why do I wake up with neck pain every morning? ›

One of the most common causes of neck pain is having your neck twisted or bent too far in any direction for a long time. If you wake up in the morning with a painful neck, it may be because your pillow is not supporting your head and neck in the right position, which is described as a "neutral" position.

How do I know if my pillow is causing my neck pain? ›

Your Pillow Is Too Thick And Firm

If your pillow is forcefully bending your neck toward your chest while sleeping on your back, or to one side when sleeping in the fetal position, it could be that your pillow is too thick.

What is the best filling for a neck pillow? ›

What are the best fillings for a DIY neck pillow?
  • Memory Foam - some craft stores offer rolls or pre-cut memory foam. ...
  • Polyester Pillow Stuffing - Polyester pillow filler is easy to work with for beginners and anyone wanting a light option.
Mar 31, 2022

Why does my neck hurts when I sleep? ›

Causes of Neck Pain During Sleep

View Source can strain or cause tension in the neck muscles and lead to neck pain. Poor support: Insufficient support during sleep can trigger pain in the neck and other areas of the spine. Sleep position: Some sleep positions, such as stomach sleeping, can cause neck pain.

How many pillows should you sleep with neck pain? ›

Other Ways to Support the Neck and Spine

In some cases, it's worth sleeping with two pillows. For side sleepers, it is recommended that people sleep with one pillow under their head and one pillow in between their knees. Back sleepers may want to place a pillow under their knees.

Why does neck pain get worse at night? ›

Irritated ligaments—tissue that connects bones to other bones—in the neck are one common culprit, and spasms of neck muscles are another. Either of these can be caused by sleeping “wrong,” especially since your neck muscles will be exhausted from holding up your head all day.

What make neck pain worse? ›

Poor posture, weak abdominal muscles and heavier body weight can affect your spine's alignment and contribute to neck pain. For example, straining your neck to view a computer screen for long periods is a common cause of neck pain.

Why does memory foam hurt my neck? ›

Memory Foam

The problem with these pillows is that they are too soft and lack the necessary support for the neck. As a result, the neck cannot maintain its natural alignment and is forced into an unnatural position. This can lead to muscle strain and pain.

Is latex or memory foam better for neck pain? ›

Opt for TEMPUR memory foam pillows over generic options, as these offer the durability needed to return to shape over the long-term. Latex: Similar to memory foam pillows, latex pillows can offer plenty of support for neck pain sufferers, but can become compacted and uncomfortable over time.

How should I sleep with a pillow for neck pain? ›

Sleeping on the back or side, if possible, is advised for those with neck pain. When sleeping on the back. A fairly low pillow is better in this position. Extra support can be provided by adding a small rolled towel or small roll-shaped pillow positioned under the neck.

How do you release tight neck muscles? ›

Forward and Backward Tilt
  1. Start with your head squarely over your shoulders and your back straight.
  2. Lower your chin toward your chest and hold for 15-30 seconds. Relax, and slowly lift your head back up.
  3. Tilt your chin up toward the ceiling and bring the base of your skull toward your back. ...
  4. Repeat the set several times.
Jan 26, 2022

Can a pillow fix neck pain? ›

You may feel better and sleep better with a neck pillow. It's sometimes called a cervical pillow because the upper part of your backbone (where your neck is) is called the cervical spine. Research suggests that a pillow with good cervical support can help relieve neck pain and improve rest.

Can a pillow cause severe neck pain? ›

Your pillow

A pillow that doesn't support your head and neck properly can create tension in your neck muscles, and cause neck pain. Feather or memory-foam pillows may allow your head to be “cradled” at night, allowing for a neutral spine and neck.

What position is best for neck pain? ›

Lying on your side is the best sleep position for decreasing neck and back pain, according to a 2019 review. It may also be the best option for people who snore, are pregnant, or have digestive problems like acid reflux. Side sleeping helps keep your head and neck aligned with the rest of your body.

Why do I wake up with a sore neck? ›

Causes include sleeping in an awkward position (yes, this includes stomach sleeping) or tossing and turning throughout the night. Pillows are common culprits, whether you use too many or one that offers little to no support. Sometimes, though, your neck was tightening up before you hit the hay.

How do I know if my bed is causing my neck pain? ›

These warning signs could mean your bed is leading to discomfort and poor sleep quality.
  1. You Wake up With Pain. ...
  2. You Can't Find a Comfortable Sleeping Position. ...
  3. Your Mattress Is Too Soft or Too Hard. ...
  4. Your Mattress Is Too Old. ...
  5. Your Mattress Is Cheap or Low-Quality.


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